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A fresh label bringing the UK's lure scene the best quality heavy metal it's ever seen and at prices that will melt your mind, not your wallet! 

Shhhhh, we don't just sell weights!! 


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"But dear Sir, why use Tungsten!?"

  • Tungsten is up to 70% more dense than lead making it harder and much smaller in size for the same weight.

  • Tungsten is well hard! It wont deform like it's weaker brother.

  • With Tungsten being harder than lead it transmits substrates and snags through your finger tips, improving bite detection. 

  • Size matters.. a smaller surface area for same weight means accuracy + distance of casts and fall rates will all benefit.

  • We all love tidy rigs. No one wants to throw butt plugs at fish. Tungsten is the tidiest choice by far. (No butt plugs for sale, sorry)

  • Lead is toxic to the environment. Tungsten is 100% eco friendly.

  • As mentioned previously, lead died. RIP.

Nine Seven Tungsten was formed when the realisation hit that Tungsten products being sold in the UK were just outlandishly expensive. A few Jig Heads costing over £10 or one sultry Cheb weight going for the price of a couple of pints ... it wasn't right. So we put our wheels into motion to find a way to get these products here and affordable for the masses, not the few. 

It's great to say that we were the brand in the UK to break the mould and bring prices to where they should be. Every lure angler now has access to the highest spec and vigorously tested Tungsten rig components available. >> STORE <<

We endeavour to keep bringing fresh products and ideas to aid the UK fishing scene and rest assured they will be amongst the best out there and who knows what the next Nine Seven product will be ....


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