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Okay so we struggled to find a name for these ones :))

The "2LT" is another great little soft bait aimed at the species market. 
Measuring in at 40mm (23mm body / 17mm legs) this slender little legged grub bait is perfect for fishing on micro rigs to tempt almost any kind of predatory and non predatory species around. 

Made from a super stretch and floaty material it will stand up to attention with it's flailing appendages to entice all kinds of fish to have a munch. 
The material is 10x stronger than standard stuff used so these will last a lot longer (or until you cast them up a tree!) on the hook and you wont be needing to glue bits back on or retire them after a couple of fish. 

Chub, Perch, Zander, Pike, Roach, Bream, Hybrids, Dace and Trout were taken from a little stream in one outing while were testing so needless to say they got a place on the shelf. 

Rig these on a tiny Charcoal cheb and Rock C Size 10 hook for a deadly micro morsal OR on a super light Drop Shot rig to keep the bites coming. How about a Texas rig? 1.8g Tungsten Flipping weight + Rock E Size 10 Offset hook for a super finesse T rig combo.
All available from our store!

10 Per Pack
3 Colours 
Saver Combo Packs 


2LT Soft Bait

PriceFrom £3.50
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