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Be the coolest kid down the cut with our new 97T baseball caps!

Ever lacked a bit of street cred? Always felt like you had your finger off the catwalk pulse? Don't worry, we got you. Stick one of these on your nut and watch the instant Litness start to seep into your soul. 

We made sure these were tested plenty prior to release. I personally wore one for over 3 months, wiped it clean numerous times, wore it all weather conditions and the quality is right up there. Very little fade in colour and absolutely zero signs of wear or tear. Release the beast!!

The bold design with subtle black, white and silver colour scheme is in keeping with the Nine Seven vibe. The baseball cap is designed for you to bend the sides of the peak to keep sun glare out of your eyes and we know that not everyone wants to wear a flat peak.

3 different logos on the front, the side and little back tag with the website address down the peak should anyone ask where you got your new hat from, just point!

These are super comfy, hard wearing, easy to clean and functional caps for all ages, shapes and sizes.

97T Cap

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