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Another offering from the house of Fish Ant!


But this ones a little bit different ... 

Measuring in at 2.5" and a miniscule 1.1g these are a curious little soft plastic with an air chamber in it's belly to make it float. 

Don't want it to float? Maybe you want it to sink on the Drop Shot or fancy using it as a twitch bait .... simply insert one of our tiny Tungsten Nail Weights into the chamber! 

A very versatile little soft plastic that in testing done a lot of bites in various situations from Zander on the murky canals to large Perch on the big rivers. 

A super finesse bait for when they are smashing fry or they've just had enough of the big baits being thrown around. A real edge on hard days! 

  • 2.5" - 1.1g / 3.1" - 1.8g 
  • 9 Per Pack  / 7 Per Pack
  • 5 Fish Catching Colours
  • Air Chamber that can be weighted 
  • Matching Hook Pack / Weight Pack

ANT Little Fish

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