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Ooh la la, ANT Shads are N.I.C.E.

These little shad soft plastics are really something from the house of FishAnt.


They come made from a supple, soft, scented and salted plastic mixture which with the slender paddle creates a very natural, life like action. 


7 different colour combos which cover both natural and reaction strike enducing tones and 4 different sizes to suit all light lure fishing scenarios. 

2"  (1g) 

2.5" (2g)
2.8" (2.4g)

3.1"  (4g) 

Back and belly slots to take weedless presentations (try the hook pack combos in the menu for the perfect hook size to bait and save some momey while you're at it!)

Each pack contains 
2" / 2.5" / 2.8" - 9 Pieces
3.1" -  7 Pieces

**if ordering matching jig head pack options please allow upto 5 working days for order to be sent out as jig heads are handmade to order**

ANT Shads

PriceFrom £5.50
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