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The Baby Claw! 

These crayfish softies are made from super stretch, super soft and super bouyant material which makes them stand up off the deck and suitable for all manor of rigs.

Try them on Texas, Carolina, Neko, Jika, Free Rig or Dropshot to unlock all kinds of different presantations. 

Hook slot on the belly and hook dent on top to locate and hold hook in place when fishing a weedless set up.

A sure fire predator magnet!


  • Pack of 8 & 10 pieces
  • 65mm & 45mm (limited colours)
  • 10 different colours
  • Available with matching off set hook pack. (Rock E size 1 or size 6)


** Do not mix these with other lures. The super stretch material is not friends with some other soft bait materials and may cause baits to merge or colour run. For best results keep seperate **


Baby Claw 65mm

PriceFrom £5.50
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