The much awaited 97T braids!

Ok so we had to make sure this was up to standards before releasing it for sale.  After a few months of proper abuse from several well versed lure anglers (and me!) we all came to the conclusion that this was well worth a spot on the shelf.

It comes in either X4 (4 carrier/strands) or X8 (8 carrier/strands).

Both the X4 and X8 are super robust with very good abrasion resistance, knot strength and they cast an absolute dream. 

The verdict throughout the test period was that these braids are comparable to some of the absolute best already out there with comments like "As good as any X4 i've ever used" and "It's an absolute dream to use, got any more?!" we knew we were onto something. 

I personally used the 0.10 X4 which is rated at 9lb breaking to land numerous big Perch, Pike and even dragging Bass through kelp and over rocks! Confidence was gained very quickly.

The differences/benefits of X4 and X8 braids?

X4 has slightly more abrasion resistance
X4 has slightly better knot strength
X4 will cut vegetation easier 
X8 is quieter on the rod rings (less noisy on the cast and retrieve)
X8 is rounder in profile 
X8 has slightly better indication on the retrieve
X8 casts further 

100m Spools
X4 - Yellow  
0.05 / 7lb 
0.10 / 9lb
0.12 / 11lb

100m Spools
X8 - Lime Green 
0.12 / 11lb
0.14 / 13lb

Braid 100m