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Big Flaps is in the house! 

Another addition to the Nine Seven Softies range in the form of this super flappy multi appendage, scented craw immitation.

This is a sinking soft bait infused with shrimp scent  and salt to get those predators to bite and hang on! It can be fished all manner of ways with a few ideas in the photos. 

Hook locator slots to aid you in getting that hook sitting just right every time.

She will entice the predators with her big irresistable flaps! Oooer!

  • 8 units per pack 
  • 90mm total length (40mm body / 50mm flaps!) 
  • 6 Different colours to choose from
  • Sinking with added salt and shrimp scent
  • +Hook Pack Options

Crayfish Soft Bait

PriceFrom £5.00
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