Say hello to "Curly Cray"

This little fella has some of the best predator pulling power in town with it's paddle claws, curly antena, curved legs and shrimp scent ... it's a winner! 

Yet another very versatile sof t bait made from a super stretch / floating material meaning it can be fished almost any style and in all conditions. 
Texas, Carolina, Drop shot, Neko, Jika, Jig Head, NED to name just a few ways this creature bait will produce the goods on the toguhest of days.  The softness is something too, these fold up with real ease on the strike aiding hook ups no end.

The swimming action of these is hard to ignore with every apendage doing a great job of enticing in even the wariest of predators. 

Chub, Perch, Zander, Pike, Trout, Grayling, Wrasse, Pollock and Bass all made a tidy meal out of these in testing. 

  • Pack of 5 (+blister pack to keep perfect shape) 
  • 4 Colours to choose from (more on the way!) 
  • Super Stretchy / Floaty / Soft / Shrimp Scented Material 
  • 65mm / 1.6g
  • Matching Hook Packs (x10)
  • Matching Jig Head Packs (x5)

Curly Cray

PriceFrom £4.50