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The Cyclops beads are back! 

You guys loved these so much but when our trusted manufacturer decided to stop making them it was a case of hunting down a new supplier who could guarantee the bore would be fishing line friendly ... not an easy task! 

Finally we got there and after rigerous testing we are able to put them back on the shelf where they belong.

These great little beads add some serious pulling power to any Texas or Carolina rig. Give your soft bait a big target eye ball for those preds to home in on and smash! 

They add the famous "clack" which on some waters can trigger bites instantly. 

Subtle tweeks can make all the difference on a hard days dangling.

Available in 5mm / 6mm / 8mm

5mm - 0.07g / 6mm - 0.14g / 8mm 0.3g  
Packs of 10 (mixed colours)

Cyclops Beads

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