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Ooh Daddy! 

The new creation to hit the 97T shelves ... the "Daddy Shad" 

Taking inspiration from an old Norries bait which I loved / hated due to it being an absolute fish bagger but just way too weak only lasting a few fish each bait before it would rip and tear I created this slim line shad :) 

When designging it I had Bass, Wrasse, Perch & Zander in mind ... sounds a bit broad but it helped me to make a bait the right size, shape and consistency to suit all 4 species nicely. 

Made from a very high quality floating compound which is so soft it just folds up like soft butter yet isn't sticky or weak ... it's bloody stretchy and strong as f**k! 

The jointed tail wrist and spoon like tail fin creates a beautifully subtle action on this bait which gives off a very tight vibration in its wake, replicating a fleeing baitfish. 

These can be fished super slow and the tail will still paddle away or they can be ripped for when the fish are up for the chase. 

Being bouyant they can be fished NED, Texas, Jig Head, Carolina, Jika etc etc and they'll stand up lovely in amongst the stones, twigs and snags. 

No more Wrasse chomped baits costing you a small fortune!! 

**Use Em Til Ya Lose Em**0. 

  • 5 striking double and single colours
  • 5 per pack 
  • Floating / Super Stretch / Use Em Til Ya Lose Em 
  • 83mm / 3g
  • Matching Hook & Jig Packs Available (soon!)6

Daddy Shad

PriceFrom £6.00
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