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Do you like frequenting poorly lit Car Parks in the early hours and donning tight rubber?! 

Yes? WELCOME! These "Dirty Doggers" are just for you! 

 90mm of Walk The Dog Surface awesomeness. Weighing in at just under 12g they fly lovely getting you out to the fish with ease. A very easy lure to work with a subtle wake and very slight rattle to entice even the wariest of predators into having a go. 

In testing these beauties absolutely smashed the Bass on the estuaries and open coast alike with dozens of fish including a few chunks in the mix. 

Needless to say they earned themselves a place on the 97T shelves quite quickly with such instant results. 


  • 90mm / 11.8g
  • 2 colours "Baby Bass" & "Alwight"
  • Size 1 Singles Available  


Dirty Doggers

PriceFrom £6.50
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