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Possibly the easiest way to rig a Jika!

The Micro Clip system allows what we think is the most simple way to not only attach a Jika weight but also to swap it to something heavier or lighter. 

The Jika rig is a great way to present a soft bait in amongst a crappy bottom. When there's a lot of leaves, twigs or stones that would usually impare a Cheb or Texas rig the Jika comes into it's own. 

Another fantastic rig now made very simple by removing the need for an awkward split ring. 

This "Easy Jika" kit consists of -

5 x Micro Clip
5 x Jika Weights (0.9g / 2.5g / 3.5g) 
5 x Offset Hooks (Size 2 / 1 / 1/0)
1 x Strip of Soft Bait Stoppers

Please choose from the menu options to make the perfect kit for you! 
Soft Baits sold seperately

** Heavier Jika weights will be available shortly **

Easy Jika

PriceFrom £7.00
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