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Fastach Tungsten!

As with all of our weights these are of the highest quality at the best prices. Have a search around and see for yourselves.

If you fish situations that require regular weight changes then Fastach weights could be the solution. Quickly change the fall rate, casting distance or hold in flow with these easy to attach weights. Simply use the handy Fastach clip to mount and dismount your weight with ease.

Create the quickest Jika rigs around! (see photo) 

The perfect addition to large Pike soft baits and all manner of other rigging patterns.

Available in 3.5g / 5g / 7g / 14g / 21g / 28g

3.5g - Pack of 5
5g - Pack of 5
7g - Pack of 5
14g - Pack of 3
21g - Pack of 1
28g - Pack of 1

Fastach Weights

PriceFrom £3.00
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