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The Fich 35 is here! 

He's tiny @35mm but he packs a serious punch ... 

Another belting little soft bait that's been created to entice all manor of species in all manor of different ways. Chuck one on a light Cheb / Texas or Drop Shot and away you go! 

They are made from the usual Super Stretch Floating material that not only means they are soft and fold up really easy on the strike they will last until you lose them. 
No more tails being nipped off on a short strike or falling apart when you try to change the hook a few times. 


Perfect for light canal work, streams, Light Rock Fishing ... just about everywhere and for Trout, Chub, Rudd, Zander, Perch, Wrasse, Pollock, Mackerel etc etc etc etc!

Save yourself loads of time and money with 97T softbaits! 

  • Pack of 7 baits / 0.3g per bait  
  • 5 proven fish catching colours
  • Matching hook packs available


PriceFrom £4.50
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