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Nine Seven Softies - "Flights"

Another floating/super stretch/scented addition to the growing family! 


These little gems are very versatile and can be fished on a small Cheb/Wormhook combo, Texas, Small Jighead, Carolina, Drop Shot, Free Rig, Split Shot and even Ultra light Neko.

With its dart flight tail that flails around and its ribbed grub body they are perfectly at home in every ultra light tackle box. 

So far in testing Chub, Perch, Zander, Pike, Trout, various Wrasse species, Bass, Pollock, Gurnard and even Tench have fallen to this ultra versatile little soft bait.  

Munch proof! Lasting much longer than conventional soft baits.


Save some time and money by purchasing your Flights with matching ultra sharp hook packs -

(all x10 hooks per pack)

+Rock E Hooks #6 - Wide gape worm hook for Texas, Carolina etc (weedless)
+Rock C Hooks #6 - Perfect for dropshot or Cheb (not weedless)
+Rock LS Hooks #8 - Our favourite for this soft bait. Long Shank. shallow gape worm hook (weedless)

  • 60mm
  • 10 per pack 
  • 3 different fish catching colours
  • Shrimp Scent
  • Ultra stretch / Floating material
  • +Matching hook combo packs


PriceFrom £4.00
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