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With this floating Fluke the force will always be with you! 

Another great addition to the 97T soft bait range in the form of this 73mm floating Fluke soft bait. 

It comes with belly and back slots to aid weedless presentations, a rippled body for the fishes pleasure and a totally OTT fork tail that flicks like no other. 

Being super bouyant means this Fluke will sit differently to other sinking offerings.
On a Texas / Carolina / Free / Jika rig it will sit up proud off the bottom and mimic a dying / distressed baitfish. 
On the dropshot it freakily sits on an angle looking like a sleeping baitfish. Give it good lift and it follows the dropshot weight down and pops back up ... a very neat trick for warey fish that have "seen it all".
Fished on a Jig Head or NED you can make it twtich and jerk around for a reaction bite even when they really aren't hungry! 

Another piece of the jigsaw well and truly in place. 

  • 8 Pieces Per Pack
  • 5 Fish Catching Colours for UK waters
  • Super Stretch / Floating Material (use em til you lose em!)
  • Shrimp Scent Infused
  • Slim Line Box Combo - 1 x Slim Line Box + 5 Full Packs Softbaits + 2 Full Packs Rock E #2 Hooks (saves ££'s)



Fluke Sky Walker

PriceFrom £4.50
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