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Grubby's are in the house! 

These floating grub baits are just irresistable to predators. 

With it's super slim core and crazy disc like shell it gives the impression of a large profile but when attacked it simply folds up super small making it a seriously tempting grub bait for all kinds of hungry scavengers.

Skipped across the bottom they flail and jump with one of the most flexible bodies around. 


Measuring in at 57mm it is the perfect size to tempt all sizes of Perch, Zander, Chub, Pike, even Roach and Bream were taken in testing!

Fish them on - Cheb / Texas / Carolina / NED / DropShot / Free Rig / Jika / Jig Head etc etc. They stand upright every time even when fished on a standard ball jighead!

With the nature of the material and the huge surface area of the disc like body they will take on scent like nothing else around which can be a deadly edge especially on pressured or wintery cold waters.


  • Available in packs of 6 or 12 pieces 
  • Matching Hook Packs 
  • Mixed Colour Packs 
  • Super Stretch / Floating Material



PriceFrom £3.50
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