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The 97T Hooks N' Bits Binder

Okay we haven't reinvented the wheel here!


But we have created a bloody well built binder for you to keep your hooks safe and your bits in one place, locked & loaded. 

For myself as a lure angler keeping my hooks not only sorted but tightly stored avoiding any possibility of blunting tips is paramount. 

Adorned with the classy Nine Seven Tungsten logo in white shimmer, fancy. 


You open up via the magnetic latch to find the left leaf with 4 small pockets, the middle binder supplied with 3x twin pocket inserts and the right leaf with a large slide in pouch. 

It will take 18 packets of Hooks & Bits + Scissors / Files + Rig Bits and still shut and stay closed. 

A seriously handy, tidy & compact (A6) piece of kit. 

Hooks stay sorted and SHARP! Scissors stay safe and not left on the bank!

** FREE Neko tool with rubbers with every purchase **


** Scissors / Hooks / Rig bits / Pen are for illustraional purposes only, not included in sale **

Hooks & Bits Binder

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