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A new floating creature bait that floats, rattles, jiggles and waggles! 

These bad boys are molded out of the usual high quality Super Satretch / Floating material that's synonymous with 97T. The front claws are shaped to create a waving motion with the rear legs all playing part in making these a seriously attractive soft bait. The back legs are fixed but you can nip them off one end to create another flappy appendage or if a more slender bait is required nip them off completely without effecting the bouyancy. 
Each piece is supplied with changable glass rattle that pushes in and out of it's integral slot with ease! 

The big boys measure in at 85mm / 5.5g and the smaller 60mm / 2.2g creating an offering for when they want a gob full or a small morsal. 

  • 85mm / 5.5g (x4 pieces) 60mm / 2.2g (x6 pieces)
  • Scented / Super Stretch / Floating material
  • 3 Fish Catching Colours (more to follow)
  • Matching Hook & NED packs available 


*NED Pack = 5x Matching NEDs*
*Weedless Hook Pack = Full Pack (x10) of matching hooks*

60mm - Rock E size 2 - Rock LS size 4

85mm - Rock E size 1/0 - Rock LS size 1/0


PriceFrom £5.00
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