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Another absolute belter from the KUYING house!

The KUYING "Culter Game" CTS 762ML / 862ML is a proper tool for anyone wanting to throw some heavier weights around without the typical broom stick blank. 


It's officially rated at 7 to 21g (will cast a 20g metal to the moon!) making it the perfect option for Bass boys looking for an affordable but unbelievably reliable stick in either 7ft6 or 8ft6 versions. Would also make a lovely light Pike rod or heavier Zander rod for big river work. 

Following true KUYING style the finish on these rods is fantastic with custom whipping and wrapping for some really nice touches up and down the Toray carbon blank. All guides and reel seats are FUJI quality as standard. 

A gentle beast of a rod.

  • 7'6 OR 8'6 7-21g+ (will cast 20g very comfortably)
  • 46T TORAY carbon blank
  • FUJI-VSS reel seat / FUJI KLAG guides

KUYING Culter Game

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