The KUYING Super Lite Ajing 762S & 862MH

Well, what can I say ... £200? Nope. Okay £150!? No way Jose. These rods are sub a oner! 

Built with some serious spec but kept very very affordable by our good friends at KUYING (thanks!)

The SAS 762S (spinning) 7'6  is built on a Toray carbon super fast blank which is armed with FUJI TVS reel seat and FUJI K guides. It comes with a solid, extra sensitive tip (white for extra bite indication)

The SAC 762S (casting) 7'6 is built on the same super fast blank and FUJI SKTS reel seat and FUJI L guides. Again with super sensitive, solid tip in white. 

The bigger brother SAS 862MH comes with beast mode fully engaged. With an extra foot in length and rated upto 15g casting weight this fella packs a real punch. Abaolutely perfect for river work, punching bigger baits to the horizon and very much at home at sea. You can really load these up!

These rods are really something. Crisp as week old knickers! The super fast action is perfect for detecting the slightest of takes and then setting the hook swiftly as you hit the hard part with ease. 

Absolutely suited for Jigging, NED, Texas and Carolina applications ...Jika, Neko, Drop Shot and much else between. 

These absolutely should come with a higher price tag but hey, who's complaining :) 

** Rod stock is hard to come by at the moment which means spare tips could come with a wait time. If you need a spare tip please bare in mind that it could come with a lengthy wait but I will endeavour to help as much as physically possible **

KUYING Super Lite