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The KUYING Tetons have landed! 

These guys really know how to knock up light lure rods. The Teton range by KUYING has fast become a regular in many lure fishing armouries. 

Built on Toray 30t blanks with FUJI O guides and reel seats you would think these would retail at a mugh higher cost but KUYING are giants in keeping prices down in a market where quality and affordable don't ofetn go hand in hand. 
The multicoloured rough cork handles and red and gold whipping are a lovely addition to these great little burgundy sticks. 

For now we have 3 options -

6ft 2 / 0.8-3g casting weight 
Medium action / Spinning

These lovely little sticks are absolutely perfect for light hard baits, pulling small shad baits and even mini metals. They take the oomph out of the strike meaning you can fish some ultra light main lines and leaders with the extra give that these rods posses. Small to medium sized predators will find it hard to shake the hook! To cap it all they double up as a nice spinning trout rod when the season opens.

6ft 4 / 1-4g casting weight 
Medium (+) action / Spinning


What a great little tool for anyone roaming small rivers and canals. Targeting Perch, small to medium sized Zander, Chub, Trout and Jacks. Some serious fun with enough in the reserve to land some bigger fish with a bit of skill/luck!

6ft 6 / 2-10g casting weight 
Fast (-) action / Spinning & Casting


This option has a little more OOMPH! A perfect all rounder for slinging some heavier offerings for Perch, Zander and Chub with plenty of backbone to tame much larger specimens in quick time without losing the fun factor on those smaller fish. 

KUYING are fast becoming a house hold name across Europe. The quality that comes with the price tag is swaying plenty of anglers to give them a try with some absolutely awesome feedback.


Budget rods got a boost!


**For the "UL" or "SUL" versions we advise some extra care as the tips are more prone/easier to damage**

**TT(S) - Spinning / TT(C) - Casting **


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