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Ultra Light Lure Game 

Ok so we are all starting to rapidly realise that KUYING make some great rods that are so at home targeting UK predatory species it's almost like they just knew .... 

Here we have one of their finest examples. The TTS-510S (spinning) and TTC-510S (casting) Ultra Light options and the "heavier" TTS  -602LS.


These are two super refined ultra light lure rods that surpass many much more expensive offerings out there. 

The 510S are rated at 0.3 to 3g and measuring 5'10 these little green and pink magic wands really are the bees knees of finesse fishing. 


The 602LS is the bigger brother rated at 2 to 8g and measuring in at 6ft exactly.


Built on Toray 30-T Carbon blanks, FUJI SIC rings, EVA handles and some very nice whipping, decals and colour tones throughout. 

If you're looking for a canal creeper, dibbing down the edge or you like to throw tiny weights to the horizon these rods are built just for you. The smallest of fish will feel big and the bigguns will feel like you've hooked a whale. Bending from butt to tip is no problem for this moderate fast actioned blank. 

Another sub £100 rod that looks and feels like it should come with a higher price tag.  


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