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Eww Leaches!

A new adition to the mini soft bait range. A floating offering that immitates a small leach which predators just love to gorge on when they can find them! 

This little 42mm floating stick bait has a triangular shaped body which will flail and dart when skipped across the bottom. All manor of predatory fish will find this irresistable. In testing Zander, Perch, Chub, Grayling, Trout and even Roach fell to the Leach making it prime for bites on even the hardest of days. 

Fished on a Cheb for flexibility or mini Jig Head to keep it pinned to the mud and looking as realistic as possible. A proper bite sized morsal!


  •  5 Colours available
  • 10 Per Pack
  • Scented / Floating / Stretch material
  • Matching Saver Hook Packs 



PriceFrom £3.50
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