L E G G I T !


It's in the name. These 63mm floating creature baits have no less than 22 appendages! 


The 10 down turned paddles shift a crazy amount of water on the drop and the big flappy claws are there to entice predators into grabbing a gob full. 
Add the vibro body with hook slot and you have yet another awesome little soft plastic.

Made from super stretch, durable, bouyant material to make them stand up straight off the deck making these perfect for finesse NED rig, Texas, Carolina, Neko, DropShot, Free Rig, Jig Head and much more. 

97T tip - Use a light tungsten jig head to create an insane "hang time" on the drop. Those little legs will work their magic making the bait drop slowly, the takes can be crazy! 

  • 6 Per Pack
  •  5 Fish Catching Colours
  • Super Bouyant / Stretchy / Durable
  • Matching Hook Pack Options


PriceFrom £4.50