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Oi Oi, It's Little Flappy!

We welcome yet another irresistable floating soft bait to the house of 97T.

This time in the form of "Little Flappy" which is a slender worm bait with a flappy little offering at the tail end. 

It will stand up poker straight out of the crud to form a very enticing little offering as it wiggles it's butt and lures those warey predators in for a munch. 

Made from the awesome super floaty / stretchy material means these baits don't rip after a few fish. No glue required.

"You Use Em Til You Lose Em!"

** NEW ** For the Little Flappy Fan Boys - The Little Flappy Slim Line Box FULL of flaps!

1 x full pack of each colour + Box + 2 x Rock LS Hooks all for 30 quid! 

  • 75mm in Length
  • 5 Different Bite Enducing Colours 
  • 8 Per Pack
  • Super Float / Stretch material  + Shrimp Scent

Little Flappy

PriceFrom £4.50
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