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The "Little S" is a new adition to the Nine Seven hard bait line up.


This little crank bait is perfect for Trout, Chub, Perch, Pike and Zander alike. With it's 'S' like meander on the straight retrieve it looks just like a naturally swimming small prey fish but then let it drop and twtich it back up through the layers to immitate a dying or injured morsal. 

With 7 different colours and holographic finishes including some trouty themed options these have proven deadly in streams for BIG trout and bagged some lovely nets on Perch on various reservoirs, rivers and canals.

  • 53mm
  • Slow Sinking
  • 3.5g
  • 7 Colours 
  • Supplied with replacement single hooks (Rock In-Line #8 x2)

Little S

PriceFrom £3.50
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