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We all know now that Tungsten comes with it's benefits and one of the main being it's density ... which really shows in these lovely little casting metals that are half the size of their lead counter parts! 

These "Metal Headz" are a new addition to the range that are aimed at our boys that love a bit of light sea species game. 

The casting ability is off the scale. Emptying 100m of 0.10 X4 braid in testing. I hit the spool knot every cast at so had to slow it down a little! 

Perfect for long distance and deep water scenarios when you want to hit those Mackies, Scad, Bass & Gar that are blowing up on bait fish at range. No doubt much else will smash these too with the sheer fact that they are so small. 

The PERFECT casting metal for the Kuying Superlite SAS 762S 1to10g rods ... an absolute dream that will load the blank so sweet and even the smallest of species will be a bag of fun! 

Available as a complete unit with assist hook on a solid 5kg ring to a size 4 stainless split ring OR you can buy just the body and set it up with whatever components you require. 

  • 1 body per pack 
  • Available complete with assist and metalware
  • 45mm long / 10g weight
  • 3 Stunning Colours

Metal Headz

PriceFrom £4.50
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