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Bits n' Bloody Bobs!


If you're after some species fun then make sure you have some Bits n' Bobs in your bag!

These life size little maggot / grub immitations are just deadly rigged up on a little Tungsten Cheb and small hook for literally everything that swims ... Minners beware!!

Add a Tanago style offering (basically a hook to nylon tied onto the Cheb clip) for a double enticing offering. 

In testing these produced fish from both salt and fresh water with Chub, Dace, Minnow, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Grayling, Trout, Gudgeon, Goby, Scorpion Fish and Blenny a plenty. It really is a free for all and sometimes impossible to know what's next ... F.U.N. !!


  • Made from a super stretchy, floaty and scented material. "Use em til ya lose em!"
  • Two enticing shapes and colours
  • Two different scents - Fishy PumPum & Custard Tart 
  • Available with Cheb & Hook packs (1g chebs x5 / size 18 hooks x7)
  • Aprox 120 pieces per pot


*Only 1g Chebs available at the moment due to the clip wire gauge. 
*Hook to nylon not provided, just for illustration.

Micro Bobs

PriceFrom £5.00
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