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The Micro Worm!

Another great addition to the 97T softbait range in the form of this tiny litle floating worm immitation. 


If you like to fish for whatever swims then these little worms are made for you. There isn't much that won't have a go! From dinky Perch to monster Chub, everything shows an interest in the Micro Worm.

Made from a floating material they will stand up off the bottom to entice it's next victim. They are also very robust meaning they will stand up to a lot of abuse unline other micro baits on the market. 

Fished on one of our tiny Charcoal Chebs these are deadly!

  • 6 Colours
  • Scented / Stretch / Floating material
  • 10 per pack
  • Matching Hook Saver Packs

Micro Worm

PriceFrom £3.50
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