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The Mini Fish is a slightly smaller offering to it's bigger brother "Slim Shaddy" but this little guy has a slower, deeper roll to its tail creating a different vibe all together. 

With its large paddle this guy gives off big vibrations but with a small profile. Don't let the name fool you, it still stands up super straight when fished on a NED!


Made from our usual Super Soft, Super Stretch, Super Floaty materials.
No problems round here with baits not floating straight out the pack!!


Just a few of the benefits of super buoyant baits ...
Straight Retrieve - Sink & Draw - Bottom Hopped - Dead Stick

Drop Shot - Texas Side Hook - NED - Jig Head - Jika Rig - Carolina

  • Packs of 10
  • 60mm - 1.5g
  • Colours - Pearly White / Hot Pink / Black & Gold

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Mini Fish

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