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Another handy little tool to save the hassle of carrying your net. Free up a hand and save the hassle of net transportation on those long walks by clipping one end to your bag or backpack and the other end to your net.


The super strong yet tiny magnet will hold upto 3.5kg load before it gives way. Just give a strong tug on the net and it will release, swing back into place and the magnet works it's magic. Hands Free!

Available as a combo pack with our robust braid scissors for £10


  • Airplane grade aluminium housing with pressed magnet (no glue!)
  • Laser etched Nine Seven Tungsten logo for uber street cred
  • 1x Magnet / Coil Lanyard / Carabiner per pack

Net Magnet / Coil Lanyard / Carabiner

PriceFrom £7.00
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