The Shiny Stuff!!

These super cool metal transfers will stick to most flat surfaces giving all manor of things some much needed Nine Seven bling!

 Tackle boxes, TVs, Fish Tanks, Car Bumpers, Lamp Posts .... 
<<photo - measures 125mm x 90mm >>

Buy a sticker, take a photo with you in it, jump on either Instagram or Facebook and drop us a mention #nineseventungsten OR @nineseventungsten (or both!) for the chance to win some freebies every month. Winners announced publicly at random.

**For best results - Peel top layer plastic carefully to reveal sticky side of transfer. Carefully place on clean, flat surface being careful not to crease or fold. Rub the transfer with clean cloth until completely smooth and stuck. Peel away top layer of plastic from top corner diagonally and slowly** 

Nine Seven Transfer