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Say hello to my little stretchy friend! 

Rag-e's are the new kids on the softbait block and they aint here to partayyyy! 

Made from a very soft super high quality super stretch / floating material these 37mm micro morsals are ready to entice all manor of fresh and salt water species into biting. 

Fished on a small Tungsten Cheb / Texas / Drop Shot / Split Shot / Jig Head (keep going!) you can Use Em Til Ya Lose Em as they will withstand the chompy teeth of most species rather than dying on the first munch or two. 

  • Available now in 8 colours (more to follow) 
  • 8 pieces per pack 
  • Unscented but will take on liquid scent like a dream (super soft!) 
  • Super Stretch & Floating material. Lasts a lot longer than standard PVC baits
  • Matching Hook Packs Available


PriceFrom £4.50
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