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These super handy Rod Holder / Protectors / Strap are an essential piece of kit for all lure anglers. 

If you're always worrying about your rods being loose in the boot then worry no more. Made from neoprene and with 2x velcro neoprene straps you can fix your rod into place keeping everything tightly packed together. 

Using the butt end of the rod as support it becomes almost impossible to bend the tip section when "locked & loaded". 

Supplied with a fully ajusatble strap with shoulder pad it also becomes a great way to walk to spots without a rod in your hand.

S & M 
Shoulder strap / 2 x fixed neoprene velcro straps / 3 colour choices

LITE - No shoulder strap
1x fixed neoprene strap / 1 x loose neoprene strap  

Perfect for quick and safe storage between spots, in the car boot or wherever you need some extra protection, fast. 

As above with added shoulder strap  

PLUS+ This is the daddy of rod protectors!
Shoulder strap / Extra tip and butt protection / 2 x fixed neoprene velcro straps / Reel Protector
Available for Spinning & Baitcasting reels.

Shoulder Strap Only 
This strap comes with a  sliding non slip shoulder pad and 2x Neoprene velcro straps which will take upto 3 rods set up in rod protectors. A perfect way to carry and store your rods safe and sound! 

Available in 4 models to suit most lure rods - 

S (with strap) - 4ft 8 to 5ft 10
M (with strap) - 6ft to 8ft 
LITE (no strap) 6ft to 8ft
PLUS+ (with strap and reel case) 5ft8 to 8ft
Strap Only - Universal

** Based on total set up rod length. Suitable for 2 piece rods **


Rod Protection

PriceFrom £5.49
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