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S C A R P E R !

Leggit & Scarper are our two newest soft baits to hit the Nine Seven shelves.

 Scarper is a slender 75mm super bouyant creature bait with attitude. 
The ribbed, scented body holds onto pockets of air so that when the bait is twitched it will release tiny bubbles! The legs vibrate with the slightest movement and the over exagerated claws and tenticles flail with little effort making for a super enticing soft bait. 

These guys are perfect for all manor of rigging styles with Texas, Drop Shot and Free Rig being our favourites so far. 

  • Packs of 5
  • 75mm
  • 5 Fish Munching Colours
  • Floating / Stretchy / Durable Material 
  • Matching Hook Packs 


PriceFrom £4.50
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