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SeaGuar R18 Fluorocarbon Main Line 

If you're looking for a fluorocarbon mainline .... look no further! 

This offering from SeaGuar should be a serious contender for anyone who is in the market for a line which is not only strong but affordable. 

SeaGuar is the longest standing manufacturer of some of the best Fluorocarbon lines available on the market and the R18 has certainly earned it's place on our shelves. 

It spools up neat, it casts a dream, its virtually invisible in water, has superior knot strength and boy is this stuff strong! 

In testing the 4lb test was superb for targeting small stream Trout and one of the reasons we wanted to stock it was it's ability to be spooled onto a spinning reel and used without the usual problems that come with fishing Flurocarbon. 
Casting down to 2.5g total weight was no issue.

The main factor for us was the extrem breaking strength of even the 4lb offering. Just amazing and a real confidence boost on such light line. 

100m of confidence on a spool!!

 Available in breaking strain / diameter / pe


  • 3lb / 0.148mm / #0.8
  • 4lb / 0.165mm / #1
  • 6lb / 0.205mm / #1.5
  • 8lb / 0.235mm / #2


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