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My name is what? .... Slim Shaddy!!

Slim Shaddy is made from the same super stretch / super buoyant material as some of the other soft baits in our range. 

These little fellas have a tight roll of the tail which creates the perfect fleeing baitfish vibe when fished moderately fast BUT with the added buoyant properties this lure can also be fished very effectivley on the NED. Skipped slowly across the bottom it stands up straight and with the slightest rod movement the tail wil flicker making it look like a dying bait fish. How about side hooking on a Texas rig? Or lip hooked on a weedless Wacky rig? Jika Jika anyone?  

One seriously versatile little shad bait and now available in 4 Colours & 3 Sizes & New Combo Box option 

  • 60mm / 70mm / 100mm 
  • Pearly White / Black & Gold / Wurm (brown) / Super Baddy
  • Available with matching hook pack options 
  • NEW Slim Line Shaddy Box - 1 x Slim Line Box / 1 x full pack each colour Slim Shads /    2 x full packs Rock E #2 Weedless Hooks (Combos Save Quids!)


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Slim Shaddy

PriceFrom £5.00
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