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It's in the name! 

These Soft Bait Screws are great for knocking up different presentations when the usual stuff just isn't cutting it. 

Use them screwed into the nose of a Shad bait to save it tearing on the strike (makes softer plastics last much longer!) Just add onto a Swimbait offset or over a standard offset hook + stopper bead (see photos above).

Add one to a spinner and screw it into the underbelly of a Shad bait to create a flashy "underspin" for that extra bling on a dull day. 

Stick a Jika weight on and screw it into an X2 Worm for a Flappy Wacky Rig! 

You can really put your imagination to work with these simple little additions. 

Packs of 5
#1 - 14mm 
#2 - 17mm
#3 - 26mm
#4 - 35mm
#5 - 43mm


Soft Bait Screws

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