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Bored of your soft bait slipping down the hook?

These little rubber stoppers will aid you no end! A very simple but effective method of stopping any bait movement on the cast or the strike is to add a half piece of one of our rubber egg stoppers which simply slides up the shank of the hook and holds your softbait where it needs to be. 

We have 2 types on offer that can be used solo or in conjunction to create a "non slip" bait. 

The "Black Bungs" are designed to be used on finer guage hooks and fit perfectly snug on all of our Rock LS, Rock E and Rock F range of hooks locking your bait in place. These are perfect for smaller finesse baits upto 70mm when used on their own. Simply thread onto hook via the widest end, break off and fish!

The "Rubber Eggs" are capable of stopping larger baits from slipping depending on the size selected. Simply cut them in half down the central cut line, thread onto your hook via the widest end and you have a great little stopper. Again, these have no problem gripping all of our hook range but if you would like maximum security we suggest using both together to create the ultimate peace of mind. 

Black Bungs - one size 
Rubber Eggs - Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large


** Please see photos for examples on how to rig up using the stoppers **

Soft Plastic Stoppers

PriceFrom £1.00
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