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"Split Tail" - a lure of 2 halves

55mm (25mm body)

The body is ribbed, not for her pleasure but for the fish an irresistable sensation which will make them want to hold on that little bit longer. The twin tail is long and slender, add the floating properties and you have a seriously enticing soft bait!

These have already been the downfall of some large Trout, Chub and Perch in testing and we are sure they will up the odds for anyone using them.


Pack of 12
Available in 8 different colours to suit the water you're fishing

  • Hot Pink
  • Neon Green
  • Yellow Peril
  • Worm Terd (brown)
  • Glow Bug
  • Gold Dust (transparent / gold glitter) 
  • Pearly Whites
  • Billionaire (transparent / blue gold glitter)

Split Tail

PriceFrom £3.50
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