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97T Trout Boxes ... Noice! 

Loaded with proven Trout catching kit that will see you with the best chance of landing some Turbo Rodneys in quick time and it'll fit in your pocket!

There's 3 options - 

Trout Box 1 -  the base set (photo) which includes 4 packs of soft baits + 4 lots of matchin hooks + 2 packs of Tungsten Cheb weights + Micro Clips + 2 x Little S Hardbaits.

Trout Box 2 & 3 - All of the above + added extras (Trust me, it's worth it and more!).

One thing I pride myself in is zero faff ... if you want kit that works, lasts and is serious value for money you're in the right place :) 

The 97T Trout End Game Box .... Trout Done!

Trout Box

PriceFrom £45.00
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