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Another great addition to the range! 

Beanz are a great way to drag baits across the deck and up and over obstacles and what a time to utilise them with the warmer water temps and the fish wanting a faster paced bait. 
Perfect for ripping weedless mounted shads that you want to then fish long pauses like an injured. tiring baitfish! 

The design and shape tends to not get wedged when fishing over gravel and rocks making it perfect for bouncing round in flow. 

Easily "pegged" in place to create a fixed rig with a tooth pick or mounted directly onto the shank of your hook to create a belly weighted offering. 

No shitty plastic inserts needed. These are honed to perfection. Plastic inserts wear out over time and usage and create more friction on fluorocarbon leaders. No insert = more freedom! 

  • Packs of 5 pieces 
  • Non Chip Charcoal 
  • 3.5g / 5g / 7g

Tungsten Beanz

PriceFrom £4.50
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