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Where it all began!

Coated Tungsten Weights used to create the perfect Texas & Carolina rigs.  


Our Texas weights are seemlessly silky smooth and coated to the highest spec in Pumpkinseed Green to create a weight that is inconspicuous to predators. 

No need for plastic inserts as we have worked extensively on making a flexible coating that even once chipped doesn't harm fluorocarbon leaders. 

Upto 50% smaller in size to other bullet weights out there. 

Made from 97% pure Tungsten


  • Packs of 5
  • Colour - Pumpkin Seed Green 
  • Available sizes - 1.8g / 3.5g / 5g / 7g / 10g / 14g / 17.5g / 21g



Texas Weights

SKU: BW1.8
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