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The 97T Weighted Wacky Hook 

Hand built in the UK to order using the finest components around. 

These Weighted Wacky Hooks give a great presentation on a variety of soft plastics.

Namely the X2 Worm lends itself to be fished Wacky style. It's super buoyant material makes each end stand up on the pause and with little twitches both ends will try to "clap" together presenting the fish with something quite different to anything they will have seen before. 
With the X2 Worm being made of a super stretch/durable compound it means you don't need to fish them with bands. Just hook them up and fish! BUT any worm will work with these great little aditions to the range. 

The 97T Wacky Hooks are some of the best available.  With their super wide gape, short shank, fine wire and needle sharp point they really are a top player in their field. 

Available in a few sizes to suit most situations. Why not have a play with fall rates on an X2 Worm by fishing lighter than you usually would?!


  • Sizes 2 & 3
  • 1.5g / 2g / 3g / 4g / 5g
  • Packs of 5
  • Saver Combo X2 Worm Packs 

** Please allow upto 5 working days for order completion **

Weighted Wacky Hooks

PriceFrom £6.00
X2 Worm Saver Pack
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