The X2 Worm

Fish them straight out of the packet for a poker straight, stand up ribbed vibro worm bait. Made from our awesome Super Soft, Super Stretchy, Super Buoyant material. 

The ribbed body creates great vibrations when twitched, holds onto scent much longer and makes the fish hold on. Add to that he "Thump" tail which creates a wobble like no other and you have one super effective soft bait!

Fish aren't up for a full bait? Cut it down! You can customise the length to exactly how they want it right down to 50mm (It will still stand up on a NED or Jig Head).

These float straight from the packet, no stretching, no soaking, no poking or fondling required.

Our baits stand UP and stay UP!

Can be fished in literally every possible way -
NED / Jig Head / Texas / Carolina / Neko / Jika / Drop Shot / Wacky  
The Super Soft material and ribbed body lend themselves to take on and hold your favourite attractor for longer than other baits.
It also folds with absolute ease in the fishes mouth making for better hook ups.

  • 8 per pack
  • 126mm - 3.6g
  • Colours - Black & Gold / Gary / Wurm

(2 more colours coming soon)

Available with matching hook packs in the item list


X2 Worm